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Residential & Commercial

While 95% of our installations are for residential systems, we support commercial installations as well.

Monitor Your Doorstep

With a high-definition video doorbell you can remotely check doorbell activity, hear and speak to visitors at your door, and keep a record of motion-activated events. The digital doorbell adapter also allows a traditional doorbell chime to be triggered.

Protection from Danger

There are unfortunate events outside of burglary that can affect your home or business. Our systems can also protect you in the event of fire, low temperature, flood, carbon monoxide, medical and panic emergencies.

No Proprietary Programming

The security systems you purchase are owned by you and do not include any proprietary programming that inhibit reassignment of your account.

Home Automation

We support a remote control service called Total Connect ™ by Honeywell that is accessible if you own a smartphone. It includes features for home automation like unlocking doors, controlling lights, and video monitoring. Additionally the systems support 2 way voice and IP cameras.

Counties Supported